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How Brass Electrical Parts Manufacture By Indian Brass Industries?

Brass is a common household material that is in existence from centuries. Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc where zinc and copper content can vary according to requirement and industry application. Brass is stronger and durable as compared to similar other metals. To prepare brass, copper is melted at high temperature and zinc is added to it. Zinc quickly dissolves inside copper metal, hence brass is formed. Brass properties make it easy to forge, harder and stronger.

Brass Electrical parts manufacturers in India

 Brass electrical parts manufacturers materials properties and uses

Brass can be seen everywhere in your home and commercially too. It can be used for creating music components, electric parts, nuts, sanitary fittings etc. Brass has remarkable sound quality and it is bacteria resistant and free from other harmful microorganisms. This is the reason brass has become obvious choice for musical instruments. It can be used in decorative hardware like knobs, hangers etc. Brass has anti corrosion properties so it is good for locks, knobs, padlocks and plumbing fixtures.

Brass Electrical parts manufacturers in India consider brass as pleasing choice for making electric components. They are sustainable, fire resistant and capable of taking shocks in extreme conditions. It has widespread use in hospital items too. Brass is wonderful recycling material and 90% of brass alloy can go through recycling process. This is the reason brass has become favorable choice for electrical parts manufacturers in India.

Brass scrap uses

As we have discussed already, brass has wonderful recycling properties and usually recycled to obtain pure brass. Brass scrap include fasteners, brass anchors, cables, LPG parts, electrical parts, sanitary fittings, brass nuts, and brass energy meter parts. Most of the brass manufacturers and scrap dealers are ready to pay good prices for brass scrap metal. Due to increased usage of scrap waste, we can expect positive growth in brass industry.