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Brass Fittings : Advise To Install Brass Fixtures To Avoid Bugs

Brass door knobs, handrails, and handles are trending and people are using it to combat superbugs. We are not saying it, but the report shared by brass fitting manufacturers claim that using brass fixtures help in preventing you from superbugs attack in your house. It has been found that copper and alloys made from the metal, including brass, can prevent spreading of bacteria.


It has been discovered by scientists that plastic and stainless steel surfaces allow bacteria to survive and spread when they are touched by people. Even if the bacteria die, DNA that offers them antibiotic resistance can survive and be passed on to other present bacteria on the surfaces. However, the case of copper and brass is completely different as these metals have tendency to kill bacteria and destroy its DNA.

When we touch anything, we attract bacteria to our skin and that is further spread around when we touch anything else. Regular cleaning is not possible every time where there is mass gathering or transport.

How brass fittings will help in fighting bacteria?

Brass kills germs. On stainless steel, bacteria can survive for several weeks, but in case of copper, they die within few minutes.

The science behind killing the germs

Human sweat forms a corrosive layer over the metal surface. This layer blocks an exchange of charged particles that kill germs and bacteria. The healing power of copper was recognized thousands of years back. The Egyptians used it over 4000 years ago to sterilize their wounds and drinking water. The Aztecs used the brass to treat skin problems.

Today, most medicines contain copper as a basic ingredient, such as antiseptic and antifungal cream. What kills germs and bacteria? The ions of brass and copper kill bacteria. The reaction is very swift.

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